The documentation you are viewing is for Dapr v0.11 which is an older version of Dapr. For up-to-date documentation, see the latest version.

AWS Kinesis binding spec

Detailed documentation on the AWS Kinesis binding component

See this for instructions on how to set up an AWS Kinesis data streams

Setup Dapr component

See Authenticating to AWS for information about authentication-related attributes

kind: Component
  name: <NAME>
  namespace: <NAMESPACE>
  version: v1
  - name: streamName
    value: KINESIS_STREAM_NAME # Kinesis stream name
  - name: consumerName 
    value: KINESIS_CONSUMER_NAME # Kinesis consumer name 
  - name: mode
    value: shared # shared - Shared throughput or extended - Extended/Enhanced fanout
  - name: region
    value: AWS_REGION #replace
  - name: accessKey
    value: AWS_ACCESS_KEY # replace
  - name: secretKey
    value: AWS_SECRET_KEY #replace
  - name: sessionToken
    value: *****************

  • mode Accepted values: shared, extended. shared - Shared throughput, extended - Extended/Enhanced fanout methods. More details are here
  • streamName is the AWS Kinesis Stream Name.
  • consumerName is the AWS Kinesis Consumer Name.

Output Binding Supported Operations

  • create
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